Saturday, October 24, 2015

Yard Completion - the closest it's ever been.

After two years of bitching and complaining - it appears that they are finally finishing the backyard.

While I'm stuck at work.

Here's some pictures from my awesome neighbor - and some to compare where we started to where it's at now. If you want to see them in order, go through the timeline.
Present Day:

Way Back When - in no specific order.

Yeah It's much deeper than this now.
 Lower dropoff into the neighbors yard, which ended up actually being deeper once they started to slowly fill in my yard.
 They tried to fix the dropoff by putting more dirt on the same hill, in the same exact form. So now it was just a drop off that stuck out more.
 Can't tell too well here, but that's because the drop off from I'm the lot I'm standing on.
 My house to the right, the drop off they failed to fix for any of us. Almost to closing.

 a heartland manager who shall not be named specifically except under the guise of lying asshole.
 When it rained....... Now they are adding another storm box but the water is still being diverted through my yard. Hopefully when the grass grows this won't be an issue.