Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Land

It had been a little while since we drove up our street and we needed a refresher on the lot we chose. Upon arriving, much to our pleasant surprise there was quite a bit of work that had been done! In about a months time I believe, these lots went from nothing to several lots having footers & foundations poured, to three or 4 houses beyond started. That's great!! It went really fast!!
Here are a few pictures... As I continue keeping up with everything, I will add updated photos of the street/community and house.  At the left of the picture with the most completed house out of all of them, is a cul-de-sac.

 Is it just me, or are the roads rather... narrow?

This is our piece of dirt! 

 And that's my husband mid-turn on the lot we selected. We chose a lot that had some pretty good depth to it.

Other than that, we have finalized our interior selections and started the process to request the updated mortgage commitment. For now, we just wait for our pre-construction meeting which should be sometime within the second week of June. *Hopefully* Everything goes according to plan.

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned needing to go to other stores to really see what our selections were going to look like. We ended up simply not having enough time to do this, but were able to find a significant amount of resources online which was really helpful. Some of the things we plan to do later on ( like tile, wainscotting, etc ) I will be planning & pricing out as soon as they give me blueprints & dimensions. That's the REALLY fun stuff !!