Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back Yard Pt. 1(ish)

We have been upset and complaining about the grade in our back yard since the developer decided to dig up that entire spot & take the "good material" and replace it with unusable material, aka - big ass rocks. I'm totally OK with them doing that, so don't get me wrong - but it was never returned to it's original status -- with a much smaller, gradual slope instead of a 10ft drop off to the rest of our lot.

After many discussions, nagging, and such - there was some progress (seen throughout the blog pics)... The PM managed to get material and dirt to build up our lot, but until Monday the drop off was still significant and a major safety issue. We had our pre-drywall meeting last week and again I stressed that the drop off was an issue. Our PM is awesome. He is doing everything he can to make it right for us and we are very grateful.

When I swung by Tuesday after work, I noticed that inside the work the corners were done for the drywall stuff, but not much else inside. Then I noticed a machine dumping this:

This is fantastic!! I was honestly a bit surprised and am still holding out hope that things will be right when we close. We have been waiting for this to be corrected for a while & are VERY happy to see the progress right at the drop off.

 Today I spent the entire day packing things we just don't use often and am preparing the girls for our move with books, talking about it and some movies that involve kids moving homes. Packing our stuff has never been THIS exciting, despite being hard work! Needless to say, I haven't made it back to the house yet to see what progress has been made but a neighbor has assured me they were definitely working in the back yard earlier today. Can't wait to see it!