Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drone Videos

My awesome husband got this idea to get a drone/quadcopter that records video to document the progression of our home and street from an Arial perspective. He has such great ideas! Our 3 1/2 year old loves seeing daddy fly the done, she likes to go to "the house dirt" and throw rocks.

So, he's been taking videos and trying to get the timing right between work, weather, and the kids to get decent vids. These are mostly unedited aside from whatever "lighting" stuff youtube does to make it look better. Keep in mind if a strong gust of wind knocks the drone, it obviously shows in the video.

My husband is getting pretty good at flying this thing! It was a good investment that's for sure. Anyway, here are the vids! Titles are dates, yes I know - I was lazy. (Sorry!) In one of them I think we're all waving. Not sure which.



Foundation and beautiful sunset:

Nice sunset:

Foundation, decent amount  of work on neighboring homes:

Foundation, plumbing, back mostly done:

Hope they're helpful somehow, we will keep updating them as progression is made. It's a lot of fun, just wish it were a little bit better quality, but with work sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day!