Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fighting for what's Right - Part 2

So, to continue the drama a bit more. Allstates called Heartland back and REFUSED to fix the drain at the Old warranty prices (which would have been at no cost to us.) Allstates quoted Heartland the cost of approximately $500 to fix this issue which in turn Heartland called us and offered HALF of that to fix the issue They screwed up to begin with!

They said it's either accept half ($250) or allow Ryco to come and fix it! Ryco never showed up last time, we spent 5 hours just waiting for them and then they never even showed up. Why would I Waste my time and another nice day?

I'm going to fight this - Heartland should be footing the entire bill. Period.
Clearly they know this or they wouldn't have even offered to pay half of the Full cost of the Allstates bill!

Fighting for what's Right.

We have never been comfortable with Ryco and do not wish to have them in our home for as long as we can stave them off. The bathroom rough-ins that were measured by two different plumbers and by two different heartland warranty guys -- they were simply installed way too close to the wall after numerous promises that insignificant things like this wouldn't occur. Heartland KNEW this would happen, yet failed to mark it specifically on our prints for Allstates to install correctly the first time. Why would you waste that much money as a company? If they do that on every single home, running about $400-600 a pop, that's an incredible waste and bad business practice.... bleeding money left and right!  Honestly - Do it right the first time, or not at all. 

That being said, Ryco never showed up on Friday as they were scheduled. The warranty guys did show up, and fixed a majority of my complaints. Currently the brick guy is supposed to come back and fix his ugly puddy looking job, materials are on site. No clue when he will be back.

My husband also called warranty again, since Ryco never showed up (Thankfully I will say), Heartland called Allstates and told them to come fix our plumbing rough-ins. Heartland is footing the bill. This makes me happy. We get to keep both of our concurrent warranties and get good work done at the same time.

Saturday morning as I was sneaking out the door to go to work I ran into the digger guy, he was making the water diversion ditches deeper because half of my seed on the slope/ditch washed away, as did some of my soil. He is trying to prevent that from happening. We talked a bit and he said that the folks at Ryan told him to keep working with us to get the yard fixed. As more lots are sold, more dirt will be dug up, and they can lose it in my back yard. For that, I am thankful. Again, he will check on raising the manhole cover, but I have yet to see anyone actually do that work. Personally - I think that needs done before anymore dirt is dumped. Then - we can have fill dirt brought in to speed the process up, if the township allows.

Eventually I will be able to plant the stuff I want and have an entire yard with grass on it. Someday. Oh, and did I mention that I will not give up? Persistence can and I believe will pay off. It just might take some time.

Our yard is looking pretty awesome, pretty green. We still haven't received the bag of seed and it needs mowed but it's so greeeeeeeeeeeeeen and pretty compared to the dirt lots around our home! I watered it last night just to get soaked in the thunderstorms. D'oh!

Other than that - life is good! I can't wait for the 10 month drywall to get that stuff fixed so we can paint! What low VOC Paints did you like best??