Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fighting for what's Right - Part 2

So, to continue the drama a bit more. Allstates called Heartland back and REFUSED to fix the drain at the Old warranty prices (which would have been at no cost to us.) Allstates quoted Heartland the cost of approximately $500 to fix this issue which in turn Heartland called us and offered HALF of that to fix the issue They screwed up to begin with!

They said it's either accept half ($250) or allow Ryco to come and fix it! Ryco never showed up last time, we spent 5 hours just waiting for them and then they never even showed up. Why would I Waste my time and another nice day?

I'm going to fight this - Heartland should be footing the entire bill. Period.
Clearly they know this or they wouldn't have even offered to pay half of the Full cost of the Allstates bill!


  1. Wow! What a mess. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this, but you are right, they should be fixing this at no cost to you. It's their fault and their responsibility!

    1. So - it seems there must have been a mis-communication between Allstates and Heartland, then ultimately us. Ryco and Allstates are both charging approximately the same fee to position the pipe correctly. However Allstates quoted us on about 4 additional things for this bathroom area, which are NOT Heartlands responsibility as it's a Future bathroom. The deal they're offering is valid and good - so, Yes, I will gladly accept Allstates coming to do this work and Heartland paying for it as indicated.

      Being a fulltime mom, student and employee.... plus making sure they do their job right.... I would say it's exhausting but frankly I almost enjoy it. They're mostly reasonable people who are trying to do an exceptional job. Miscommunications happen - it just so happened at the wrong time with an already upset customer.